Residential development—5 units at 150 Le Duc St.

An audacious request from a private developer to replace an abandoned allumette house in Vieux-Hull, with a 4–6 residential unit building. On a lot barely 10m wide, the concept includes 4 covered parking spaces on the ground floor, 5 apartment units of 1 or 2 bedrooms, and roof terrasses.

The site plan is inspired by the typical layout of the allumette house lots with a car access on one side and a front façade that give the impression of a single house building. A pedestrian path crosses the entire lot, from the street to the back yard, allowing a lateral access to each apartment. The building is made of 2 main volumes: a narrow band inspired by the typical building layouts of the Vieux-Hull area; the 2nd volume is larger and sits atop the centre of the narrow band. It houses the vertical circulations and provides additional glazing surfaces for the benefit of the apartment units.

3D rendering by Confluence Architecture